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The Future is Here: Play at Old Havana on Your Mac

For PC users participating at online gambling venues is nothing to sweat over. A simple software download allows most gamers to enjoy hours of betting entertainment. For a long time this was not the case for Mac users. As Apple customers began to demand the ability to participate in casino games too, online venues responded and as a result there are loads of websites for these users to choose from. Apple users should take heart because it is now possible to play at Old Havana on your Mac due to our dedication to providing everyone with the titles they love!

For Apple users, in order to start at Old Havana on your Mac, simply make sure that the computer has the latest versions of Flash and Java software available. This is because unlike PC users that are able to download the titles directly onto the computer, Macintosh customers must enjoy an instant play casino. It's important to avoid settling for any one website just because offers them, though; we've worked hard to become an internet favorite! To participate at Old Havana on your Mac via this version, all that is needed is an account. Create a username and password to begin enjoying the variety of table games, specialty games and slot machines. Choose from a number of different poker options, including plenty of video poker games. Have a go at Bingo or Keno, and then head over to the animated slot machines where there are tons of exciting options to choose from. Additionally when you play at Old Havana on your Mac, there are some great bonus offers to take advantage of such as the special initial deposit bonus.

Don't trade in that Mac for a PC just yet! Click on over to us here at Old Havana and set up an account today to begin enjoying the great bonus offers and excellent collection of games. Just open up the site in a web browser to begin, and don't forget to participate in the progressive jackpots for a chance to win big. For additional help downloading or banking, contact our customer support team which is available 24/7.