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You can earn money when you play video games. Here's how

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A lot of young gamers dream of getting paid just to play video games. Even if it may seem impossible, there are actually a lot of gamers who play video games professionally and earn their living from it. It is fascinating to know how people earn while playing. There are eSport players that earn six-figure sums annually by joining tournaments, while others earn money by testing new games. As we can see, making money from video games involves a lot of diverse jobs.

This guide cannot teach you how to be rich overnight from video games. Competition is quite hard in this area. If earning from being a gamer were easy, then all gamers would be millionaires now. You are encouraged from quitting your work or leaving school just to become a pro gamer.

Gold Farming

Gold farming has been an existing business for quite some time. If you have an account in multiplayer online games like Warcraft, you are sure to be familiar with several advertisers promoting their gold items in the game. Selling gold and other items is being done for quite a while now. For instance, Diablo 2 had a black-market like website where gamers vend their items for real cash among themselves. Diablo 3 caused this business of selling virtual items to be mainstream, thanks to its real-cash auction house. Instead of prohibiting it, Diablo 3 creators encouraged the market by integrating currency and virtual item selling into the game. It was beneficial for both the players and Blizzard, which is the game developer, as both earn from the trade. Blizzard cuts $1 for every sale and another 15% if players withdraw through PayPal.

There are a lot of stories about the game's auction house. One user claimed to have earned more than $10,000 legally by joining auctions. Furthermore, a bot user claims to earn ?80 for each bot every hour. This triggers an inflation, thereby decreasing the gold's value and other items, something that legit gamers are competing with.

The question now is whether this real-cash auction houses dominate the future of video games or will it be just another fad. No one knows for certain, even those who play video games for real money. But apparently, there has been a decline in the prices of these virtual items lately.